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brought to you by the World Hepatitis Alliance


The NOhep Village is an innovative and interactive space to foster networking and collaborative learning between civil society organizations, patient groups and the scientific community to create a greater and better connected community of advocates. At the Village you will find civil society exhibition stands, networking areas and an exciting programme of talks, panel discussions and more! We’d very much encourage you to explore this vibrant area where both regional and global communities gather to meet, share and learn from one another.

The NOhep Village is brought to you by the World Hepatitis Alliance, a patient-led and patient-driven non-governmental organization who work with governments, national members and other key partners to raise awareness of viral hepatitis, influence policy change and drive action to find the millions of people unaware of their condition. World Hepatitis Alliance staff members will be in the Village to answer any questions, and with 256 members in 87 countries they are uniquely placed to link the scientific community with civil society organizations from across the globe.



Five reasons why the NOhep Village is important!

  1. Over 20 civil society stands: connect with civil society organisations from across the world and find out ways you can work together to meet WHO’s elimination targets

  2. How to become a NOhep Visionary: On Friday 15 June, NOhep Medical Visionaries including Dr Jordan Feld, Dr Norah Terrault and Dr Manal El-Sayed, amongst others, will discuss advocacy approaches in healthcare settings. The NOhep Visionaries Guide will also be launched!

  3. Presentations from leading public health experts: Don’t miss an exciting opportunity to attend small group discussions with a range of eminent speakers including Dr Gottfried Hirnschall, WHO, Dr. John Ward, Task Force for Global Health and Giten Khwairakpam, TREAT Asia, amfAR to name but a few

  4. Join the Quest to Find the Missing Millions: Drop by the World Hepatitis Alliance stand to hear about this year’s World Hepatitis Day theme and be one of the first to join the quest.

  5. Free NOhep bag and merchandise give-aways daily



NOhep is a global movement of people working to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. Pioneered by the World Hepatitis Alliance in 2016, NOhep brings governments, medical professionals, patients and the hepatitis community together to accelerate action to achieve the World Health Organization’s elimination targets.

Today, thousands of NOhep advocates from over 120 countries are working together in partnership to meet the elimination goals.

If you are interested in finding out more about NOhep, visit or connect  on Twitter @NO_hep #NOhep. 



For additional information about the NOhep Exhibitors, please click here.

  • Action Hepatitis Canada, Canada
  • Bridging Health Foundation, Pakistan
  • Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN), Canada
  • Canadian Treatment Action Council (CTAC), Canada
  • CATIE, Canada
  • Coalition to Eradicate Viral Hepatitis in Asia Pacific (CEVHAP), Singapore
  • End Hep C SF, United States of America
  • Hepatitis B Foundation, United States of America
  • Hepatitis Education Project (HEP), United States of America
  • Hepatitis Outbreaks’ National Organization for Reform (HONOReform), United States of America
  • International Coalition to Eliminate HBV (ICE-HBV), Australia
  • Liver Foundation, West Bengal, India
  • NOhep
  • Prisoners with HIV/AIDS Support Action Network (PASAN), Canada
  • Seed the Change | He K?kano H?pai, New Zealand
  • The National Organisation for People Living with Hepatitis B, Uganda
  • United Against Hepatitis, Russia
  • Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre, Canada
  • Viral Hepatitis Care Network (VIRCAN), Canada
  • World Hepatitis Alliance
  • Yellow Warriors Society, Philippines



NOHEP Village Programme at a Glance

Join us for interesting and thought provoking events and activities at our dedicated space in the NOhep Village. For the full NOhep Village programme and list of activities please see the Global Hepatitis Summit 2018 app. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

 6:00pm - 6:30pm  Find the Missing Millions: Launch of Global Quest World Hepatitis


Friday JUNE 15, 2018

10:30am - 11:30am  Deal with it
Documentary Screening
11:35am - 11:50am  Give it your best shot! - Preventing viral hepatitis transmission
through injection safety for healthcare providers, patients and
people who inject drugs. 
Hepatitis Outbreaks' National Organization for Reform
11:55am - 12:10pm  Seed the Change: A case study of personal generic Direct
Acting Antivirals (DAA's) importation and practivism in
Aotearoa/New Zealand; and how this is, and could be,
affected by international law. 
Seed the Change | Hãkano Hãpai
12:15pm - 12:30pm Save million lives initiative of the Onom Foundation: Providing an equitable access to life-saving hepatitis medicines
Onom Foundation 
1:00pm - 1:15pm  Together for elimination: Update on WHO new guidelines and support to countries
Dr. Gottfried Hirnschall, WHO
1:15pm - 2:00pm  The NOhep Visionary Programme: How  medical professionals can drive change
2:05pm - 2:20pm  Discussion not confrontation: Now to eliminate hepatitis
United Against Hepatitis 
2:25pm - 2:40pm  Hepatitis epidemic in Pakistan: It's time to speed up hepatitis
awareness and screening
Bridging Health Foundation
2:45pm - 3:00pm   Comprehensive hepatitis management and control through
CP3 model
Liver Foundation, West Bengal
3:05pm - 3:20pm  Finding the missing millions in Uganda to eliminate hepatitis
The National Organisation for People Living with Hepatitis B


Saturday June 16, 2018

10:15am - 10:30am NOhep Village Advocacy Day opening
10:30am - 11:15am Indigenous Ways of Knowing - A "Two-eyed Seeing" look at
respectful engagement with Indigenous Peoples and
Community Readiness in Action 
Canadian Aboriginal Aids Network (CAAN)
11:20am - 11:35am HCV best practices on the "inside" - The prison culture 
Prisoners with HIV/AIDS Support Action Network
11:40am - 11:55am HCV and PWID: Not just about HCV
Vancouver Infectious Disease Centre
12:00pm - 12:15pm Hepatitis C: Reimagining the care continuum to improve 
health outcomes for people who inject drugs
Hepatitis Education Project (HEP)
12:15pm - 12:30pm Working Together to Achieve Elimination 
Dr. John Ward, Task Force for Global Health
12:30pm - 1:30pm All you ever wanted to know about hepatitis B science
but were afraid to ask. 
International Coalition to Eliminate HBV (ICE-HBV), in partnership
with the Coalition to Eradicate Viral Hepatitis in Asia Pacific (CEVHAP)
and Yellow Warriors Society
1:35pm - 2:00pm Using digital storytelling to increase hepatitis B awareness,
empower patients and reduce stigma
Hepatitis B Foundation 
2:05pm - 2:20pm Personal imports: Can it help when I cannot access t
he medicines? 
Giten Khwairakpam, TREAT Asia, amfAR
2:25pm - 2:40pm Redefining viral hepatitis testing and linkage to care
Viral Hepatitis Care Network (VIRCAN)
2:45pm - 3:00pm It's time to eliminate hepatitis C in Canada: A policy perspective 
Canadian Treatment Action Council (CTAC)
3:05pm - 3:20pm Effective community engagement toward elimination
Action Hepatitis Canada
3:30pm - 4:00pm Promising Practices in Timiskaming First NAtion
Documentary screening




The overall objective of the NOhep Village is to foster networking and collaborative learning between patient groups and the scientific community to create a greater and better connected community of advocates. The Village also aims to:

  • Build a productive learning and networking environment that harnesses the expertise of civil society organizations and the scientific community and promote collaboration and partnership between those communities
  • Show the important role that both groups have to play in advocating for the elimination of viral hepatitis
  • Showcase how only by working together elimination can be a reality
  • Harness the power of people living with viral hepatitis
  • Create a vibrant and engaging experience for conference delegates and the public living in Toronto
  • Celebrate the successes and discuss the challenges of the viral hepatitis response, both at a country and global level


If you have any questions please email: